For video game enthusiasts, getting paid to play games can be the job of a lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to earn money for having fun? You will only be required to test the game and write about the experience with it. You could write the review on your blog or in a discussion forum and start making some cash for it.

There are many advantages of getting paid to play games. First, the games are absolutely free for you to enjoy, and they are usually brand new games since the game company seeks to find out the best way to promote it through testers’ reviews.

Even more fun is that you will receive all the video game secrets such as how to reach all the levels and cheat codes that only game testers have access to.

Get Paid to Play Games

How does Getting Paid to Play Games all Work?

Game manufactures need reviews of their products so that customers can learn about the product before they purchase. The main source of these reviews is the game testers that play the game way before they are released to the public. When you sign up to become a game tester, you will receive cash for every game you play and write about.

As an incentive, some game companies pay you simply for joining the website to become a member. You will usually receive up to five games a week and depending on the manufacturer. You can earn even $10 per game. There are plenty of opportunities for you to play as many different types of games as you can and make money for it, too.

Reliable Websites that Pay you to Play Games

iWon is a popular destination for gamers that want to make money for testing games ( From arcade games to casino, board games and puzzles, iWon gives you the chance to earn money for winning games and also special cash prizes available for you. It is free to join, so you can check it out for more information.
is another place you can make money playing games. Tournament Solitaire is a common game you can begin with, and there are plenty more to choose from ( When you sign up for free, you will receive $10 worth of credits to play with, and you can stand the chance to win even more money with every game you play.

You can also compete for prizes when playing games, which is the case with You can play all your favorites like FreeCell and Pool among many other games. Not only is this fun, but you get to interact with other players and win cash prizes in the process (

A Few Things to Consider Before you Register.

Some game websites simply set up the games online and let you play for cash, but if you are going to become a game tester, there are a number of qualifications that you must meet before you register. You must be above 18 years old to get paid to play games, which is a legal requirement. You must also be able to write good reviews because that will be the main thing that will get you paid.

Some video game companies may also need proof of your expertise in gaming, so you should start with smaller opportunities and work your way up. Getting paid to play games can become a full time occupation, so try your luck today!