Welcome To UnixTips!

What are you trying to do?
Provide a resource to the Linux, the BSDs and other *nix environments with tips and small bits of info that are otherwise hard to find.

Why are you doing this?
Because while there are a lot of great sites out there, there aren’t any concentrating on tips and little tricks. So why not try to fill that need?

What is your target audience?
Well, pretty much anyone who uses a Linux or other type of *nix box. From beginners to very advanced and specialized stuff, it’s here.

Please explain the site’s layout and design.
We have based our site structure on the the ideals described by Greg Knauss at the Stating the Obvious web site. We feel that this is a great plan for the layout of a site. Also, here are the values for our coloring scheme: yellow (F3D88F/243,216,143), white (FFFFFF/255,255,255), navy (050C97/5,12,151), and black (000000/0,0,0).

What is this server running?
The server is running FreeBSD and Apache. The pages are created dynamically with PHP. Colorful usage statistics are available here. Hosting is provided by Pegasi.NET.

What about adding tips?
Well, we’d really appreciate it if more people would put in tips (thanks so much to those of you who have!), as it increases the usefulness of the site for everyone. Don’t worry about whether or not your tip might be “good enough” because, as stated above, we’re trying to have tips available for all levels, so certainly someone will find it useful.

Are there any other ways of viewing tips? Can I put them on my page?
Yes, we have added http://unixtips.org/random/ and http://unixtips.org/random/ascii.php3 which pull tips on a random basis (every time they’re called for, actually). The first one shows the tip in a standard unixtips.org way, and the latter puts it in a straight text file, for handy inclusion in one’s page. We think it’s great if people want to include our tips in their pages, but we would appreciate it much if you leave the name/link for the person that shared the tip along with the tip, and stick a link to us somewhere so your visitors can find more tips on our site if they like.

What do I do if I find an incorrect tip, or have a suggestion on an existing tip?
We filter and check each tip that is added to the site to improve consistency, and to monitor tip quality, however we can not check every possible error that can work into tips, and we do make mistakes. If you do find something that should be corrected, please mail webmaster@unixtips.org and we will look into the issue as quickly as possible.


Watch this video for more info: